Out and about! with Clark and Charlie

My friend is also a hobby photographer, and we sometimes go out together for walks to snap some shots. This time we ended up in the woods, near Oslo with my parents dog Charlie. All photos are by @Clarkkennyphoto (instagram).

IMG_3536As a child, I would sit and ponder
at the wooded areas, for their beauty relaxed me.
The sway of the branches and whistling of the winds,
as if they were calling my name.
IMG_3543Then as I grew older, they were my retreat,
for the woods became my own world,
The world full of imagination, creativity,
resourcefulness, as well as inspiration.
IMG_3554I loved my domain, for no problems were too great.
The woods protected me from everything.
The branches would open as to hold me.
The animals, in their busy ways, stopped to welcome me.
IMG_3566It was this place, my wooded world, that I lived for.
It is that place that beckons me now.
For it was only there, in them woods, I felt truly free,
as free as I would feel when your love would surround me.IMG_3622

Poem by: © Sheila Visingardi

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/my-wooded-world




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