Tromsø trip

I spent a night out in the wilderness with 350 Alaskan huskies, and this is how it started.


Back in January I decided to go on a dog sledding trip, and sleep outside in a lavo. A lavo is a Sami tent, and Sami’s still live like this and have done for many generations.

When we arrived we were met by very nice people, we went for a long walk in the snow with three Alaskan husky puppies and two older Alaskan huskies. We were given a lot of information about the breed, the area and dog sledding.

When we came back to camp, we were showed the lavo where the food is. We were served the best bacallao I have ever had. And the lavo was super cozy. I was visiting outside season, so we were the only people there, which made it even better. The staff were mostly seasonal workers from all over the world. France, New Zealand, Germany, Norway etc. They were great people! They even baked a chocolate cake for us! So yummy!

fullsizeoutput_1869After dinner we went outside to look for the northern lights (Aurora Borealis), but it was still a little early. I went over to the dogs and started cuddling and petting them and this is when I was introduced to “Tre”. This is the centers best lead dog in dog sledding, and she is also retireing this summer I was told. I fell in love with her, and said I was interested in adopting her. For a long time I’ve concidered adopting a dog and this was my chance. Especially this dog, she feel so special to me.

I was told I could have her inside my Lavo for the night, so I brought her with me everywhere I went that night.

fullsizeoutput_182eThe night hit Tromsø and it started to get darker, and we sat outside around a campfire waiting for Aurora to show. We grilled hotdogs and marshmallows and told crazy Aurora Borealis stories around the campfire.

fullsizeoutput_1830After a lot of waiting and no Aurora lights, we headed inside the Lavo again to have some more food and talk. The lavo was so big, and we had it to ourself, which was nice.

When we went to bed the fire was still burning, I was warm in the sleeping bag, and “Tre” the dog was sleeping next to me with the blanket on that I tucked her in.

fullsizeoutput_1879I woke up at 4 A.M, the fire was out and it was seriously freezing inside the lavo. I checked the temperature and it was -2 C. Ridicoulse. The sleeping bag was cold, I was cold. I quickly got up and got the fire going again, even the matches was frozen stuck to the floor. Haha. So silly.

I stayed up and woke my friend and Tre at 8.50 in the morning and we strolled over to the food lavo. Breakfast was ready and I enjoyed a nice slice of bread with brunost on, which is a very norwegian typical breakfast. Yummy!

After breakfast we got ready to go on a dogsledding trip.

This was the best part of the entire trip!

We were given a quick lesson in dogsledding, and then we were given each our own sled and 6 dogs. The total speed of 6 dogs is about 25km/hour. We were paired, so two and two in each sled.

Check out the video from this trip!

I really reccommend anyone going on a trip like this. If you are interested in doing exactly what I did, and especially if you love dogs, winter and adrenalin! check out Tromsø Villmarkssenter for more information. It’s required that you speak a little english.

Please check out my youtube channel, instagram, twitter and stay posted on Thank you for reading. ❤



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