Adopting a dog <3

So in my last post about Tromsø I never mentioned dog adoption. But it turned out while I was visiting that one of their female dogs are retiring. They have 300-350 dogs and struggling to find homes for their retired dogs. Even the staff had brought 1-2 dogs with them home.

I was introduced to “Tre” (It’s Norwegian for Three), and she spent the rest of the day/night with me.I felt this connection with her right away, and I knew immediately I wanted to take her home with me.

That same night she slept in my sleeping back, underneath my blanket and stayed close the whole night. The next day when I was going home, I said goodbye to her, and I felt so sad to leave. But I knew I was coming back.

So when I arrived at the airport I had like 5 hours to kill, so I sent the email right away to show my interest for Tre, and start the adoption process. It was Monday, and the owners were gone on a dog sledding expedition until Thursday so it felt like forever until I heard back, but. Friday morning I heard back and I was hopping up and down with joy! I replied back with a little info about myself, and why I wanted to adopt Tre. The weekend I heard nothing, but Monday afternoon I received the email saying, ” We think this sounds great, and congratulation on adopting Tre”. Btw, that weekend was one of the longest in my life, it was unbearable.

So now I have made all the plans, when to pick her up, flights to America, Vet. I even bought a harness from hurtta, new name tag and seat belt for her, and a kennel for the flight trip to America this fall. It’s all in Pink! yay!

So this summer she is coming with me to Lofoten to stay at the cabin, and enjoy the summer there before we move to America.

Here are some pictures of what I bought for Tre.

Check out my video from Tromsø!

And here are some pictures of Tre! ❤

I’m driving from Oslo – Tromsø on June 6th. And expecting to be in Tromsø on the 9th. I’m planning the road trip as we speak, and I’m spending the time on the road with one of the best people on earth- in the universe!

I’ll make create three individual posts about

  1. how to fly with dogs
  2. Road trip Oslo – Tromsø
  3. moving to America! and the complicated process behind it. (but totally worth it)

Hope you enjoy my post. Stay tuned for more. ❤


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